Methods for a software based, progressive

Advanced Systems Engineering

Goal definition of the research project

Further development of the existing Systems Engineering approach

Within the framework of EUREKA-AMeLie, the existing Systems Engineering approach is being expanded. This is done through system-oriented development, interdisciplinary knowledge work and the design of development processes work and is applied in this form as Advanced Systems Engineering.

Ensure manageability of Systems Engineering for SME

SME may not have the personnel capacity to fully implement previous Systems Engineering as large corporations do. It is therefore necessary to develop methods to make the implementation effort of advanced systems engineering manageable for SME and thus gain advantages from the approach.

Initialization of Advanced Systems Engineering in medical technology

The new Advanced Systems Engineering approach is being tested in the demanding field of medical technology. The goals here are innovative and certifiable products for work on humans. Development efforts are reduced, risks are minimized and system complexity is manageable. The participating SME benefit from the exchange from international business relationships.

Design of framework conditions for organizational development

Organizational framework conditions must be created in the companies to establish Advanced Systems Engineering. For this purpose, agile working methods are implemented in interdisciplinary teams. In addition, a process group orientation promotes the strengthening of the transversal design of corporate structures

Provision of a supporting IT tool

For the implementation of Advanced Systems Engineering in SME, a software solution is generated. This provides standardized models and formats of Advanced Systems Engineering and is affordable for the user group as well as easy to operate.

Integration of regulations & certification into development

Product certification involves a great deal of effort and presents SME in particular with major challenges. To avoid long delays and unplanned development costs, a methodology is being developed whereby regulatory requirements are already taken into account in the product development process and certifiability is ensured.

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The research project EUREKA-AMeLie is supported by the accompanying research AdWiSE.

AdWiSE - Networking of stakeholders for the cross-disciplinary development of complex networked sociotechnical systems for tomorrow's value creation (Advanced Systems Engineering)

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